Window Treatment Options For People With Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that is often associated with photo-sensitivity. This means that people with lupus can develop a skin rash from exposure to sunlight and artificial lighting. Hanging the right window treatments in your home can help you to avoid issues associated with direct sunlight entering your home. Here are just a few options to consider for your windows.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains block your room from sunlight, keeping  the ultraviolet rays that can impact your lupus away from your skin. Blackout curtains in the bedroom can prevent the rising sun from interfering with your sleep and your skin. You can also place these curtains in a living room or dining room, which helps you to control the amount of sunlight you allow into your home. Open the curtains when you aren't in the room to let natural light in, and close them when you will be near the windows.

Window Films

UV-protective films placed on your windows help to filter out UV rays while still allowing you to enjoy natural light in your home. This type of window tinting is often sold as a film you can place directly onto your windows. As an added benefit, window tinting can help to keep your home cooler in the summer by blocking out direct sunlight. You can also purchase new windows for your home with UB protection built in.

UV Shades And Blinds

UV shades and blinds serve the same purpose as blackout curtains and window films by blocking out UV rays. While blackout curtains may limit your decorative choices, UV shades and blinds can be used with virtually any type of curtain, so you can get the look you want in each room of your home without risking exposure to sunlight. These window treatments are also ideal if you rent your home and are not allowed to place any treatments on your windows. These shades come in a range of styles, from simple screens to elegant shutter-style blinds. Be sure to ask your window covering salesperson about the UV protection benefits of any blinds or shades you select, as the percentage of UV rays each style blocks out may be different.

When it comes to managing your lupus-related photo-sensitivity, you want your home to be your respite from the outside world. Talk to your doctor about your condition and consider these window covering options to make your home feel more comfortable while adding beauty to each window. Visit Cover Up Designs for more information about window treatments.