Three Reasons Why It’s Important To Protect Yourself From The Sun In Your Backyard

Lounging in the backyard is a common delight for homeowners, but it can have unexpected and unwanted hazards, too. If you're currently enjoying your backyard on a regular basis without any form of sun protection, you're being exposed to a significant hazard. Read on to discover why the sun is so dangerous for you -- especially in your own backyard -- and what you can do to mitigate the effects.

The Damage Done

As you probably know, UV radiation is blamed for sunburns, skin cancer, and even skin aging. The reality is, UV radiation isn't good for your skin or your eyes. An excess of UV radiation has been linked to developing macular degeneration later on in life, which is one of the leading causes of blindness in adults. Unfortunately, even if you only spend a little bit of time outside in your backyard, cumulative damage counts, too. Over time, you may experience enough sun exposure to trigger a problem later in life that you don't want.

Longer Outside

When you think about soaking up the sun's rays, your backyard might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but here's the thing: you are more at ease in your own backyard. While visiting a beach to soak up the sun might be the ideal, when you're alone in your own backyard or with family and friends, you're at ease and comfortable. As a result, you're likely to spend more time relaxing outside, especially cumulatively, in your own backyard rather than out at the beach or anywhere else you'd enjoy sunbathing. This is especially a problem if you ever doze off on your back porch or elsewhere in your yard.

Sun Reflection

To make matters even worse, your home itself could be contributing to your sun exposure. If you've ever heard that sunlight and UV radiation bounce off of water, sand, and snow, the same is probably true of your house.

Most homes are painted with bright or pale paints that reflect light. This is especially true if you have an insulating material on the outside of your home that's designed to deflect sunlight and heat, like vinyl siding. Unfortunately, any of these materials can send sunlight bouncing back at you, so you end up with more than one source of UV radiation to worry about.

If you spend time in your backyard during the day, you and your family deserve protection. All it takes is setting up a canvas awning or canopy from a company like EVANS AWNING to drastically cut down on the amount of light that you're exposed to. By mounting it to the wall of your home, you can also prevent light from hitting your house and reflecting back at you. All in all, adding a canopy can protect you without having to bother with sunscreen and other forms of sun protection.