Pros And Cons Of Adding A Urinal To Your Basement Bathroom

If you're planning to remodel the bathroom in your basement — perhaps to make it more suitable for your weekly gatherings to watch football with your friends — there are several elements to think about. One idea that can definitely gets peoples' attention is a urinal. Most homes, of course, don't have urinals — but it's a safe bet that your male guests will appreciate its presence when you unveil the new bathroom. Here are some pros and cons of adding a urinal, which you can discuss with your renovation contractor:

Pro: Less Mess

Many men favor doing their business in a urinal because it's less messy. As the homeowner, you can definitely get behind this idea. Whereas it's possible for a man to partially miss a toilet bowl — especially during a football-watching party at which he's been drinking — misses are less likely when you have a urinal. As the person who'll be doing the cleaning, you'll favor less of a mess.

Con: More To Clean

While urinals aren't messy, they do present another fixture in the bathroom — and that means that there will be more for you to clean. You can't really get away with only offering a urinal; you need a conventional toilet, too. Cleaning your basement bathroom toilet takes a couple of minutes, and you can add a couple more to clean the urinal, too. This might be unappealing if you don't enjoy the cleaning process.

Pro: Wow Factor

There's little question that your male friends will be impressed when they see that you have a urinal in your basement bathroom. The presence of this fixture, which is present at sports bars, sporting venues, and other similar locations, makes this part of your home more appealing to those who enjoy the "man cave" feel, and your basement bathroom will especially be snazzy if you add other details beyond the urinal. The rarity of this fixture will definitely be a conversation starter.

Con: More Space

Basement bathrooms aren't often known for their expansive sizes. There's a considerable chance that your bathroom is small and only has the basics, such as a sink and toilet. If space is already tight, it may be impractical to add a urinal to the bathroom. One option may be to have your contractor expand the size of the bathroom, but this presents a bigger job. However you decide to proceed with your basement bathroom remodeling project, your renovation contractor will do what they can to make it work.