What Styles Of Decorative Candle Lanterns Are Available Online?

You can buy candle lanterns online to match any taste, mood, or decor. 

Candle lanterns in traditional designs

Traditional designs of decorative candle lanterns include: 

  • Hurricane lanterns. These are square or rectangular shaped candle lanterns made from glass with a metal or wood frame. Simple in design, these lanterns invoke a feeling of warmth and remembrance of a simpler past. They are available in less expensive aluminum trim, or more expensive models with bronze or hardwood trims to match your decor or the mood you wish to create.
  • Railroad lanterns. These lanterns are the round lanterns with red trim that you may have seen in old movies. While not technically a decorative candle lantern, they can be used to create or enhance a rustic look.
  • English and French Gothic designs. These candle lanterns can be found in table, wall, and hanging styles. Whether they are crafted in simple elegance or ornate patterns, they create a mood of romance and longing for a time that no longer exists.
  • Holiday themed candle lanterns. Halloween brings candle lanterns in the shapes of pumpkins, skulls, and black cats. A flickering candle flame provides an eerie mood to match the holiday. Skull shaped lanterns are also available online for Day of the Dead celebrations, a traditional Mexican holiday celebrated in early November.
  • Christmas brings a feeling of warmth and comfort, so the glow of a candle lantern is perfect for Christmas decor. Christmas or Old English themed decorative candle lanterns are available in online Christmas shops in a range of prices and designs.

Exotic decorative candle lanterns

Candle lanterns styles from around the world can be found online. Each of these styles reflect the traditional designs of their native culture. Popular designs include:

  • Moroccan lanterns. These candle lamps are distinctive because of the ornate domes that grace the tops of the lamps. They are available online and can be found at reasonable prices. Glass is offered in many colors to match any decor. These candle lanterns create a feeling of international intrigue and mystery present in many old movies set in Morocco. Their intricate designs are also a thing of exotic beauty.
  • Chinese lanterns. Candle lanterns have been used in China for thousands of years, and if you intend to buy candle lanterns online, you will find Chinese styles in abundance. One unique Chinese decorative candle lantern is the sky or air lantern. These lanterns are lit until they fill with hot air and lift into the sky. They are said to carry hopes and dreams with them and are used on Chinese holidays. If you have a hope or dream to send, or if you just want to witness candle lanterns dotting the sky like stars, you can find them online at very reasonable prices.