Tired Of Your Wooden Desk? Learn How To Paint It!

If you have an old wooden desk that's been handed down through various members of your family, you might want to hang on to it for sentimental reasons. However, you might notice that the finish is worn, and it probably clashes with the rest of the design in your home. Instead of getting rid of this cherished piece, paint it so that it fits in better. This guide demonstrates the steps you need to take.

Step 1: Collect the Needed Supplies

Look around your home and collect any of the following items that you currently have. Go to the home improvement store to pick up the rest.

  • tarp
  • rubber gloves
  • trisodium phosphate
  • old rags
  • bucket
  • 220-grit sandpaper
  • primer
  • latex enamel paint
  • one medium and one small paint brush
  • screwdriver
  • plastic bag

Step 2: Set Up Your Work Area

Locate a place in your home that's well-ventilated. A porch, patio, or an open garage works well. Then lay out the tarp and ask someone to help you set the desk on the tarp.

Step 3: Remove the Hardware

Use the screwdriver to remove any handles, hinges, and knobs from the desk. Put the hardware in a plastic bag, along with the screws and set them aside, so you can replace them later.

Step 4: Clean the Surface

Pour a little trisodium phosphate in the bucket and fill it with water. Put on your rubber gloves, and then dip one of the rags in the bucket and wring it out. Then wipe down the desk completely. Allow it to air dry before continuing with the next steps.

Step 5: Sand the Desk

Grab the sand paper and sand the entire desk to rough up the surface. Roughing up the surface allows the primer to stick. Work from the top down. When you're finished, dampen a clean rag and wipe off all the sawdust. Vacuum any that's on the floor so that it doesn't get into the paint.

Step 6: Apply the Primer

Use the medium paintbrush to apply the primer. Begin the application at the top of the desk and work your way down. Use the smaller paintbrush to reach any difficult spots. Give the primer a couple of hours to dry and apply another coat. After you're done applying the last coat, wash out the paintbrushes and allow them to air dry as the primer is drying on the desk.

Step 7: Paint the Desk

Use the same process for painting the desk that you did when applying the primer. Add as many coats as needed to acquire the desired shade of the color you chose. Allow the paint to dry completely between each coat. This may take a couple hours.

Step 8: Replace the Hardware

Once the paint is dry, grab the bag of hardware and use the screwdriver to reattach the hinges, handles, and knobs.

Ensure that your work area remains well ventilated throughout the process. Ask a friend to help you move your desk to its home in your house, when the project is complete. Contact a furniture expert, such as Tristate Furniture, if you run into any problems with this process.