How A Hot Water Washer Can Keep Your Mechanic Shop Safe From Lawsuits

As a mechanic shop owner, you are concerned about the safety and health of your employees. However, there's a chance that you might be neglecting one aspect that you can't afford to miss: greasy floors. Greasy floors are a serious danger that put your mechanics' lives at risk. A power washer can help you avoid the dangers of slip and fall injuries in your shop.

The Statistics Are Troubling

Over 540,000 slip and fall injuries occur in America every year, with 300,000 of them being disabling. Even more shocking, 20,000 of them are fatal, which averages out to about 55 people per day. Now think of the state of your mechanic shop floor. It's likely spotted with grease and even oil stains, spots that your employees have learned to step around.

But what happens if they step on one and fall? You might end up paying as much as $19,000 per worker's compensation claim, paying for medical fees, and even being on the receiving end of a lawsuit. Even worse, imagine if one of your customers slipped, fell, got hurt, and sued you.

These Falls Are Totally Preventable

The thing is, most of these falls are completely preventable. Good housekeeping in your shop can break apart these grease stains and keep your employees in great health. There are generally two options you can utilize when cleaning up grease stains: cold water washers and hot water washers. The latter is the better option here, for a variety of reasons. Yes, purchasing one might cost you a little bit of money, but it is worth the investment if you can avoid injured employees or customers.

Why Using A Hot Water Washer Is Important

While it is possible to use cold water washers to clean some stains in your industrial business, hot water washers are absolutely necessary for greasy floors. Why? Hot water possesses two elements that make it superior to cold: heat and agitation. The mild temperatures of cold water washers won't agitate the grease or heat it up enough to make it fluid.

Hot water washers will do just that, breaking up the grease stains, liquefying them, and making them easy to wipe away with a mop or towels. Focus your hot water washer on these areas to fully break up the grease and to make your floor safer for your employees and customers.

How often should you wash your floor with a hot water washer? Only when grease stains begin building up in problem areas. This will help stop grease stains from getting out of control, protect you from the dangers of lawsuits, and keep your employees and even your customers safe. Contact a company like Hotsy Equipment Of Northern Colorado to buy one for your shop.