Tips To Transform Your Green Spaces With Exterior Lighting Features

Use outdoor lighting fixtures and features to create curb appeal that is as attractive at night as it is during daylight hours. Visit exterior lighting retailers to find fixtures that will withstand weather and that are meant to be used outside in the elements.

Some tips when lighting up your exterior spaces include:

Stick to one color. When you are buying lights for your yard and garden, it may be tempting to go with multicolor bulbs or strand-lights. Avoid using more than one or two colors to prevent your property from looking like a carnival or amusement park. Choose one bold color to use with warm or cool white for optimal effects.

Think about safety. Don't just use lights to decorate your property—use them to make it safer. Illuminate walkways, your driveway, and any dark or secluded spaces so that it is easier to traverse at night. This may also serve to deter potential intruders or trespassers, too.

Illuminate your focal points. Create a display that will draw attention to your property by illuminating focal points with spot-lights. Point these slightly above the feature, such as a garden or boulder, so that the light reflects downward in a flattering way. Consider also adjustable stake-lights that will allow you to move them according to the direction of the sun.

Bring the inside out. It can be fun to bring indoor light fixtures outside for a unique décor that is perfect for a patio or gazebo. Be cautious, however, of using indoor electrical fixtures outside in the elements. It is wiser to remove the hardware and replace bulbs with battery-operated tea lights that can be used outdoors safely.

Create paths and walkways. Bring a little visual interest to your simple yard or lawn with solar stake lights. Create meandering paths through your property and past points of interest such as gardens, beds, or fountains. Avoid short, direct walkways in your landscaping for optimal ch'i and good energy, based on Feng Shui design theory.

Bring home something spectacular. Go all out with an illuminated fountain that is solar-powered with battery back-up. This will create an awe-inspiring focal point that also brings a serene, relaxing atmosphere to your yard.

If you are not lighting up your exterior spaces, you are missing out on an opportunity to enhance your home's curb appeal. Try these tips to illuminate your yard, garden, and green spaces, bringing beauty and safety to your entire property.