Choosing An Electric Fireplace For Your Home: Placement And Accessorizing Ideas

Electric fireplaces can bring warmth to your home while also creating a beautiful focal point in the room. With the right finishing touches, a freestanding electric fireplace can make a seamless addition to your decor theme. If you are considering an electric fireplace, here are a few options to consider for placement and accessorizing.

Cozy Fireplace Corner

For bedrooms or smaller living rooms, consider a corner fireplace design. This offers a space-saving option while still bringing the beautiful look of a fireplace to the room. You can find models that sit on the floor or smaller corner cabinet designs that affix to your wall. Some corner fireplaces also come with integrated storage drawers and shelves, which let you organize small items to keep the room free from clutter. Accessorize a corner fireplace with a small vase or a family photo, and add two tall potted plants on either side to create a finished look.

Entertainment Center Replacement

Some electric fireplaces have the same size and shape as a flat-screen TV, which provides a perfect opportunity for unplugging and enjoying the calming look of a roaring fire. Consider replacing your living room television with this type of fireplace, and send the TV down to the basement living area. The fireplace becomes the main focal point in the room, and it invites you and your family to share quiet evenings together. You can keep your old entertainment center if you like, or add a bookshelf underneath the fireplace so you and your family can select a good book to cuddle up with in front of the faux fire.

Faux Wood-Burning Stove

For vintage or antique decor themes, you may want something a little more rustic or traditional. Consider an electric fireplace designed to look like a wood-burning stove. This delivers the look of glowing embers along with an antique-inspired design. These fireplaces come in a range of sizes and designs, making it easy to find the one that fits your available space. Place it in your kitchen for a warm addition to your food prep area, or place it in the center of your living room for an authentic look. Accessorize this look with a metal firewood basket, and stock it with real firewood. For a fragrant addition to the room, consider placing potpourri sachets in between the logs. Warm scents, such as apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice can complement the look of a faux wood-burning stove perfectly.

Take some time to browse different realistic electric fireplaces to find the perfect design for your home, and visit your local home decor store to select accessories to finish the look of your room. With a few simple accent pieces and the perfect placement, you can create a stunning look in your home. For more information, contact companies like Magik Flame.