Simple Ways To Make Your Home’s Exterior Look Better This Weekend ​

Put some effort and equity back into your home and make its exteriors look better this weekend. Use these tips for simple strategies that make a significant difference virtually overnight.

Rain Chains

Give your home a fresh and distinctive look with rain chains. Rain chains originated in Asia, and they basically eliminate the need for a messy downspout with your gutter system. They are ornate chains that hang from the corner of the house, near the gutter and eave. As water comes through the gutter and hits the chain, it is gently and hypnotically guided to the ground below without splashes, puddles, or pools.

Gutter Maintenance

Speaking of gutters, clean the troughs and remove any leaves or debris that have taken up residence since fall. While you're at it, sweep the debris off the roof that has accumulated during the changing of the seasons. If want to, you can hire a 'gutter-guy' to do both at the same time, just make sure he is qualified to do so.

Clean Exteriors

The difference that pressure-washing makes is impressive; rent or hire a washer to give your home's exterior a good cleaning. This can make your paint color look lighter and brighter, and it may highlight any issues or damage that need attention. If you have time, pay special care to give the windows and sills a good rinse to remove any road grime, cobwebs, or dirt that has accumulated on them.

Garden Mulch

Cover up garden beds and patches of soil with mulch; keep it about an inch from your tree trunks to prevent damage, though. Use pine, cedar, and black mulch to give your greenspace a distinct look that is cohesive with the rest of your home and property. The result is a polished and significantly better landscape, which can't help but make your home look great.

Outdoor Lighting

Change things up a little bit with some new outdoor lighting; worried that fixtures and electricians will break your budget? Go with something simple; it is amazing what a cool-white LED lighted fountain or warm white sconces on a fence can do to the overall appearance of your property. Visit home improvement retailers to check out some do-it-yourself (DIY) outdoor lighting options.

Many of these improvements can be done by the layman, although it is not advised that you attempt to wire in lighting fixtures or walk around on your home's roof. In these instances, it is best to hire a professional.

Invest in some sweat equity and make your home's exterior look significantly better practically overnight by following the tips above.