How To Choose The Right Stone Finish For Your Home Improvement Project

Natural stone can lend an elegant and stately look to your home. The way that stone is finished can have a direct impact on the mood, practicality, and aesthetic of your project. There are many finishes to choose from when working with a stone supplier, so you must be prepared to narrow your options to the perfect finish for your home improvement project.

1. Stone Accents

If you are planning to use natural stone as an accent feature in your home, then you will want to showcase the beauty of the stone you have selected. Homeowners can use stone as a design feature by creating a natural stone wall around a fireplace or door.

A polished finish is the perfect option for stone features. The smooth texture of polished stone helps accentuate the natural veining that occurs within the stone. Polishing stone can also help to make the colors included within more vibrant.

2. Flooring

Natural stone is becoming a popular material used as flooring in residential properties. If you are planning to install a stone floor in your home, then the type of finish that you select could have a significant impact on the safety and aesthetic of your renovated space.

A natural cleft finish utilizes the natural break of the stone to create a ridged design. A flamed finish will create a textured surface over any natural stone. Sandblasting is another finish that can be used for stone flooring. Grains of sand are used to create a fine texture on the surface of the stone, and sandblasting can even be used to etch design patterns into the floor.

Texture is the key element to look for in a flooring finish. You want the stone to have some texture so that you will not slip on your new floors.

3. Countertops

Many modern kitchens feature natural stone countertops. These work surfaces are both practical and pleasing to look at. A honed or polished finish should always be used for countertop stone. These finishes create a smooth surface that is easy to clean- something that is absolutely necessary in a kitchen setting.

Polishing or honing will also enhance the beauty of the stone itself. This ensures that your countertops will serve as a focal point in your new kitchen.

Selecting the right finish allows you to more successfully incorporate natural stone into your home's design. Work closely with your stone supplier to choose the finish that is right for your project.