How To Repair Three Common Types Of Pool Screen Damage

A pool screen is essential when you want to enjoy your pool and be free from insects or if you want an enclosed space to keep your pets while allowing them to enjoy the outdoors. Pool screens can last for many years, but they can also be damaged by a storm or wildlife. Here's a look at how to repair damage to your screen so bugs can't get inside and bother you.

Minor Screen Damage

If you just have a few tiny holes or tears in a wall screen, you might want to repair them yourself as a temporary measure. You can buy screen repair kits that have patches you glue or sew on. The patches close up holes, but they don't blend in completely, so the repaired area is visible.

You could even use waterproof tape to cover a rip, but that's not an attractive option either. You can also buy magnets that cover small holes. These are more attractive and come in shapes like flowers or butterflies. They only work on small areas of damage and might be an acceptable temporary repair until you can have the screen replaced.

Large Rips Or Loose Screens

The best way to repair a damaged screen panel is to replace it so there are no ugly repaired patches that show. Replacing a pool screen is similar to replacing window screens in that you have to pull out the old spline and insert a new spline that holds the screen in place.

It may be necessary to hire a contractor to do the work because it can be tricky to get the new screen flat and perfect. Plus, the right size and shape of spline has to be used or a strong wind could cause the spline to pop out and allow the screen to become loose.

It's also best to let a contractor with a work crew replace damaged roof screens. Working on roof screens is dangerous since it involves the use of ladders and walk boards above concrete. It may take more than one person to install a roof screen, especially if the screen is cut in large sections.

Crumbled Screen Spline

If the screen is still in good shape, but out of the frame due to failure of the spline, it may be necessary to replace the screen since there isn't much of a border left along the sides of the screen once the spline is in place and the screen is trimmed. That makes it difficult to reuse old screen.

The spline can wear out due to age and sun exposure, and when it does, it gets crumbly and falls out of the groove. The rest of the old spline needs to be picked out of the frame, and then a new spline needs to be installed to hold the new screen in place securely.

Contact a pool screen repair contractor to learn more.