Repairing Common Window Damage And Issues

The windows of a house can be the part of the structure that will be the most vulnerable to suffering significant damage that will need professionals to repair. While windows that have been completely broken can be a highly visible type of this work, there are other situations that will lead to the homeowner needing to hire a professional to repair their windows.

Frame Damage

The frame that holds the window glass in place will be among the most important parts of this feature of your house. While the frame will typically be far more durable than the glass, it can still experience damage that may require professional assistance to address. An example of this type of damage could be the frame actually rotting. When rot is able to form on the window frame, it can weaken the frame. Additionally, the frame may also crack or split, which can affect the fit between the glass and the frame. Strong impacts can be a common source for this type of frame damage.

Glass Scratches And Cracks

Damage to the pane of glass itself can be another situation that will require professional assistance to address. Some of the more common types of glass damage can often be repaired without being forced to resort to replacing the entire pane of glass. For example, there are resins that can be applied to the glass that will be able to seal the scratches and strengthen the glass. When these resins are not effective, the next option may be to have the pane of glass replaced. This can be trickier to complete as the current pane of glass will have to be removed without causing damage to the frame. Also, the new pane of glass will have to be securely installed so that it will prevent drafts and leaks around the edges of the glass pane.

Warping Of The Frame Or Glass

Warping can be a serious problem for the window's glass or frame to experience. When the frame warps, it may no longer effectively fit the pane of glass, which can increase the strain on the glass, as well as increasing the chances of the glass cracking. Unfortunately, warped frames or glass will not be able to be corrected without replacing them. This is usually more of a problem for older homes, but new houses that were built with lower-quality window frames and glass can also be prone to developing this problem.

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