Kudzu Bugs Are Annoying Pests Due To Their Odor And Large Numbers When They Infest Your House

The kudzu bug is a fairly recent invasive species to become a problem pest in the US. These bugs like to eat kudzu weeds, and unfortunately, the bugs eat soybeans as well as kudzu, so the bugs have become an agricultural threat. Kudzu bugs are household pests too.

They can infest your home in large numbers in the fall when they seek a place to ride out the winter. You may need to use professional pest control services to eliminate these pests and keep them out of your home. Here are some things to know about these pests.

Kudzu Bugs Are Small And Not Harmful To People

Kudzu bugs are about the size of ladybugs. However, their bodies are shaped differently and they have a green color. They don't bite, and they don't bother pets or people. They're household pests because they can invade in large numbers and they give off a foul odor if you bother them. The chemical they release can cause welts on your skin if you're sensitive to it.

Kudzu Bugs Can Stain Your Furniture

The two annoying aspects of having a kudzu bug infestation are the foul odor and the stains they leave behind if you crush the bugs on fabrics such as an upholstered sofa. For that reason, if you attempt DIY pest control methods, use a vacuum cleaner and try not to crush the bugs or your home might fill with a bad odor.

A Pest Control Company Can Help Control The Bugs

Kudzu bugs can be killed with pesticides. First, the pest control professional has to find places where the bugs are hiding. Kudzu bugs cause the most problems in the spring and winter. In the winter, the bugs look for cracks to crawl in for winter. They are attracted to light colors. If your home has white paint or siding, the pest control professional may look over the walls of your home for hiding places filled with bugs. When found, pesticides can be used on them to kill the bugs off.

Since kudzu bugs crawl on the exterior walls of your home, they can squeeze through rips in screens or gaps around your windows. The pest control professional will need to spot places the bugs hide indoors too.

In the spring, the kudzu bugs get active again when they wake up and start moving to find a way outdoors. Your pest control service may need to repeat the pesticide treatment then or even spray the plants around your home where the bugs may go to feed.

Sealing Your Home Keeps The Bugs Out

Your pest control service may also recommend sealing gaps in your siding and openings around your walls so the bugs can't get inside when they start looking for a winter home. In addition, you may want to remove kudzu weeds from your home so the bugs aren't attracted to your yard. However, the bugs will eat a variety of ornamental plants and flowers, so keeping plants away from your exterior walls might be a good way to discourage the bugs from getting too close to your house.