Weeds On Your Lawn? Tips To Keep Them Under Control

It is common to have weeds on a lawn and is generally something you have to deal with much of the year. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep these weeds under control before they get completely out of hand.  Keep reading so you will have a beautiful lawn free from weeds. 

Controlling Weeds

If you only have small areas of your lawn that have weeds, you can pull these by hand or dig them out. If you have weeds all over your lawn, you will need to use an herbicide to kill them and get your lawn healthy. There are different types of herbicides you can choose from. 

Pre-emergent herbicides are best used once you get your weeds under control. This is because this type will not do anything to established weeds, but they do prevent seed germination so new weeds will not grow. Put this herbicide on your lawn during the dormant season, such as late summer or fall. 

Post-emergent herbicides kill established weeds and are best used when the weeds are currently growing, which is generally during the summer and fall months. Selective herbicides are used for a certain type of weed. You may be dealing with one weed spreading over your lawn. Take some of the weeds to a garden center to help determine what type you have to see if you need a selective herbicide. Nonselective herbicides will kill any type of weed on your lawn. This type is generally used for spot treatment. 

Preventing Weeds

During the fall months or the early spring, there are things you can do to prevent weeds from growing. First, a lawn that is healthy and thick is the best way to prevent weeds. In many cases, a lawn full of weeds means the lawn is lacking in nutrients.  

Take a sample of your grass to a garden center to determine a fertilizer you can put on your lawn. Once you purchase the fertilizer, place it on your lawn going by the directions on the package. In many cases, this is sprayed onto a lawn with a sprayer to make things easier. Give your lawn a few months to grow strong and healthy and then apply a weed control product.

If you continue to have problems with weed control, contract a landscape professional. They can give you tips on the best products to use and how to use them to kill the weeds you have.