3 Tips For Getting The Roller Shade Installation Right

If you have been thinking about installing roller shades in your home, there are a few things you need to know to get the details right when it comes to the installation process. 

Use an Inside Mount

When it comes to how you decide to hang up your roller shades, you will want to go with an inside mount. That means that you will place the shades inside of the window frame instead of an outside mount, where you hang the shades on top of the window. Outside mounts are commonly used with slant blinds. An inside mount with your roller shades will give your shades a much more streamlined look. The shades will look discreet and will be flush with the edge of your windows. It is a great way to give your windows a more streamlined look. 

Hardware Choice

Next, you need to carefully consider the roller shades' hardware choice carefully. Roller shades are designed to have an integrated valance. The valance is the box that goes across the top of the shade. The valance is generally made either of metal or upholstered fabric material with roller shades. Its entire job is to hide the roller mechanism that pulls the roller shades up and down. 

If you choose a valance that is the same color as the shades, the entire set-up will be more streamlined. Or you can choose a valance in a contrasting color from the valance, depending on the style and look you are going for. 

The bottom of the hardware usually matches the valance at the top, so choose the color you want for the hardware carefully. 

Consider the Shade Color

Next, you need to consider the color of the shade. Roller shades come in an array of colors, and the color of the shade will impact how much natural light comes into your room. A roller shade with darker tones will allow in less light, and it makes create more contrast with the room. A black shade with black hardware can be really discrete. A lighter-colored shade will allow in more light. When choosing a color shade, you need to think about how that color shade will look in your home and how much light it will let in. You can also choose how transparent the fabric is, further impacting how much light can get into your home. 

When it comes to installing the right roller shades, you need to think about what type of mount you want to use, what hardware color you want to go with, and the color of the shades. All of these choices will impact how everything looks.