2 Reasons Why Replacing Your Home’s Windows Is Not A DIY Job

Whether your home has wooden windows or old vinyl ones, you may have decided that it is time to replace them. After measuring each one and selecting the style you want, you may be thinking about going ahead and performing the removal of the old windows and installation of the new ones yourself.

However, you should reconsider your plans when it comes to attempting this project yourself. There are a couple of reasons why replacing your home's windows is not a do-it-yourself job, and instead, requires a professional to do the work.

1. Position of the Windows in the Opening Must Be Precise to Avoid Multiple Issues 

One reason why you should leave the replacement of your home's windows to a professional service is that the positioning of the windows must be precise. When removing the old windows, you have to have the tools necessary to take them out without damaging the wall framing them.

Then, you need to ensure that the windows fit straight and tight enough so as not to leave any gaps. If gaps are left around the installed windows, air will escape, causing your home to be less energy efficient. It will also allow moisture to seep in around the windows, causing water damage. A professional has the tools and the experience to ensure that these future problems do not occur.

2. Warranty and Insurance Coverage on the New Windows Will Be Voided If You Do the Replacement Yourself

Another reason why you should try to replace your own windows is that doing so could create financial difficulty in the future if a problem were to occur. Replacement windows come with a warranty, but this warranty is only valid if a professional performs the work. If you install the replacement windows, the terms of the warranty will become void. 

Along with voiding the warranty, if your home sustains any water damage around the windows or if the windows fall out or otherwise become damaged, your homeowner's insurance will most likely not cover the damage. This would leave you fully responsible for any repairs for any damage to the windows and surrounding structures.

Replacing your own windows yourself is never a good idea. You not only open yourself up to future issues caused by improper positioning and installation, but you will void the warranty as well as damage coverage from your homeowner's insurance. To ensure that these problems do not happen, have a professional do the project for you.

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