Why Should You Choose Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Kitchen cabinets are the perfect places to store food, plates, utensils, and small appliances. Unfortunately, cabinets can be subject to wear and tear, just like other kitchen fixtures. Fortunately, you can repair scuffs, scratches, and stains and completely alter the appearance of your cabinets by refacing them. These are four reasons to reface your kitchen cabinets:

1. Save money

Cabinet refacing is a cost-effective way to restore old cabinets and make them look brand new. This is because most damage to cabinets occurs on the surface level. Cabinet refacing replaces the front panels of your cabinets with new, attractive panels. Replacing only part of your cabinets can allow you to save money on carpentry and materials. Cabinet refacing can also allow you to inexpensively refresh the interior of your cabinets by applying veneers to your shelves and panels.

2. Retain your current storage spaces

Cabinet refacing allows you to keep your cabinets in their current condition. Since refacing only affects the exterior of your cabinets, the side and back panels will be left intact. This can be great news for people who have already gotten used to the cabinets in their homes. When refacing cabinets, you won't have to find new places to store all your kitchen items. Your storage space will remain unchanged throughout the refacing process.

3. Update your cabinets to suit a remodel

Kitchen remodeling is a great way to achieve your dream kitchen without moving to a new home. People often replace appliances and repaint walls during the remodeling process. Once your renovations are underway, you may find that your existing cabinets no longer suit your vision for the future of your kitchen. Fortunately, cabinet refacing can help you achieve the cohesive look that you desire in your kitchen area.

4. Change a little or a lot about the appearance of your cabinets

Cabinet refacing can allow homeowners to change as much or as little as they want about the look of their cabinets. The most basic cabinet refacing involves a simple paint job or installation of laminate above your existing cabinet doors. You can also change your cabinet doors to take advantage of a new material or style. For instance, many people appreciate carved wood panel doors. Once your cabinets have been refaced, you can continue to use your old cabinet fixtures to create a sense of visual continuity or replace them with new fixtures for a fresh new look.

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