How To Stop Your Home’s Gutter System From Leaking

If you have a gutter system hanging underneath your home's rooftop, you likely enjoy having water diverted away from your structure so moisture does not cause damage to your foundation. If you notice your gutter system is leaking, you need to take steps to repair it so it works properly once again. Here are steps to follow to make a repair to your gutter system on your own.

Find Out Where The Leak Originates

Before you can get to work fixing your gutter system, you need to know exactly where water is not contained as it should. Observe the gutter at a time when it is raining heavily to determine where dripping occurs at a constant rate. Mark any location in question with a piece of electrical tape so you can take a closer look at them when the precipitation has subsided. 

Look For Obvious Signs Of Wear

If you have a gutter that has a blatant crack present in its structure, this needs to be repaired as it will not allow the system to hold water when needed. Check for areas where the gutter system is not completely straight under your roof. This indicates the gutters have bent from excessive weight or have pulled away from your home due to natural shifting.

Use Patching Materials For Smaller Flaws

When you find an area where water drips from your gutter, look inside to see if you notice a small hole or crack within its composition. This can be easily repaired with a dab of caulk to seal the material. Allow the caulk to dry completely and test the gutter by pouring a container of water directly over the previously flawed area. If water still drips out of this spot, use a piece of flashing to cover the void. Use heavy-duty glue over the hole or crack, place the flashing over it, and seal the sides into the gutter using caulk.

Consider Using New Gutter Pieces

If your gutter system is no longer positioned properly, use a level to determine whether the pieces have been compromised due to weight strain. If so, it is best to obtain new pieces of gutter to replace them. Be sure to measure the pieces needed and head to a local home goods supply or hardware store to purchase new ones. Pick up a new set of brackets to ensure the system is held tightly against your rooftop for optimal results. 

For more info about gutter repair, contact a local company.