Small Kitchen Investments That Make A Lot Of Impact

If your kitchen is looking a little tired and in need of an update but you don't have the funds to start knocking down walls and ripping out floors, there are small changes you can make to your kitchen that will have a huge impact while still being budget-friendly. Read on for some kitchen upgrade ideas that will make your space feel fresh without breaking the bank.  Cabinets Replacing cabinets can be an expensive endeavor and an involved project. Read More 

Three Reasons Why It’s Important To Protect Yourself From The Sun In Your Backyard

Lounging in the backyard is a common delight for homeowners, but it can have unexpected and unwanted hazards, too. If you're currently enjoying your backyard on a regular basis without any form of sun protection, you're being exposed to a significant hazard. Read on to discover why the sun is so dangerous for you -- especially in your own backyard -- and what you can do to mitigate the effects. Read More 

How To Decorate With Metal Wall Artwork

If you want to give your home a casually elegant look, consider decorating your walls with eye-catching metal artwork. Metal wall art comes in a wide variety of styles, ranging from rustic to modern, so you'll have no problem choosing pieces that coordinate with your preferred home decor look.  Metal wall art is available in several different types of finishes and colors, such as black wrought iron, shiny silver or chrome and gleaming gold. Read More 

3 Tips When Shopping For New Furniture For The First Time

Are you tired of how your current home looks? Do you want to renovate and redecorate, but you're not sure what to do or how to get started? It's not uncommon to "just know" that your home isn't the way that you'd like it to be but also to not know exactly how you'd like it to be. As you've no doubt already figured out, this can make updating or renovating your home into a challenge, especially if you've never actually bought new furniture before. Read More 

Are You Creating An Outdoor Patio?

Even before spring and summer arrive, you may already be making plans for what to do in your backyard area. You might be thinking about which flowers and bushes to plant, and you might be thinking about bigger changes that you can make. If creating an outdoor patio is part of your plan, from choosing the flooring to buying a patio awning, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a unique and livable outdoor living area. Read More