Tired Of Your Wooden Desk? Learn How To Paint It!

If you have an old wooden desk that's been handed down through various members of your family, you might want to hang on to it for sentimental reasons. However, you might notice that the finish is worn, and it probably clashes with the rest of the design in your home. Instead of getting rid of this cherished piece, paint it so that it fits in better. This guide demonstrates the steps you need to take. Read More 

What Styles Of Decorative Candle Lanterns Are Available Online?

You can buy candle lanterns online to match any taste, mood, or decor.  Candle lanterns in traditional designs Traditional designs of decorative candle lanterns include:  Hurricane lanterns. These are square or rectangular shaped candle lanterns made from glass with a metal or wood frame. Simple in design, these lanterns invoke a feeling of warmth and remembrance of a simpler past. They are available in less expensive aluminum trim, or more expensive models with bronze or hardwood trims to match your decor or the mood you wish to create. Read More